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About Miniq

Residing in the beaches of the Central Coast, NSW, MINIQ is an alternative-rock driven collective led by sisters Belle and Dominique Morgan. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Nick Cave, Queens of the Stone Age and Lana Del Rey, the pair have created a hybrid of indie pop, rock and jazz sounds.


The sisterly synchronisation has helped develop an effortless ambience of matching tones and harmonies, along with a goofy bond that spills out in the studio and on stage. With a heavy bass line and thumping drums, they have found a sound that represents them and their love for playing music together.



Due to the recent global issues with Covid-19, Miniq will not be performing at any shows until further notice. We cannot wait to be back on stage to show you the amazing work we have been putting together. For the meantime, check out our latest single here:

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