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Residing from the beaches of the NSW Central Coast, MINIQ is an alternative-rock driven collective known for their seductive, bass driven tunes.
Drawing inspiration from artists such as Nick Cave, Queens of the Stone Age and Lana Del Rey, the group mix up a smoothie of classic rock, indie chill and heart stopping soul. 

MINIQ was formed in early 2019 after lead vocalist Dominique Morgan began writing and experimenting with a new style of sounds. With over nine years vocal experience and playing jazz shows across Australia, Dom found it was time to create music she is passionate about. Whilst keeping some of her blue and jazz roots around her, she formed MINIQ to bring to life her alternative rock passion. The band was built in the surf as the four misfits came together to play, create and talk absolute garbage between one another.  

Already being compared to the likes of Haim, Josh Homme and Arctic Monkeys, and premiering their track 'Space Cowboy' in the US - and US radio, MINIQ is in no hurry to take a nap.
The band continue to work with rock legend Brian Lucy (Producer: The Black Keys, The Kills, Liam Gallagher, etc) to create more hard-hitting music in 2021.